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Scott Bounds

Dr. Scott R. Bounds


Associate Research Scientist
University of Iowa
Department of Physics and Astronomy

 Picture of Scott at Poker Flat Rocket Range

Me standing at the entrance to the Poker Flat Research Range. January 2009.




Co-Investigator and Instrument Manager, CAPER rocket to be launched in November 2015.

Collaborating Scientist, MMS-SMART, Instrument Manager Electron Drift Instrument (EDI) optics, to be launched March 2015

Project Manager and Co-Investigator, (EMFISIS), Radiation Belt Storm Probe Satellites, Aug 2012 - present.

Co-Investigator and Instrument Manager, (CHARM-II) rocket (40.024)

Principal Investigator, (ACES) sounding rocket mission (36.242 & 21.139)

Co-Investigator and Instrument Team Manager, (TRICE) rocket mission (40.018 & 40.022)

Co-Investigator and Instrument Manager, (CHARM) rocket (40.019)

Co-Investigator and Instrument Manager, High Bandwidth Auroral Rocket (HiBAR) (36.200)

Co-investigator and Instrument Manager, (RACE) sounding rocket (40.016)

Collaborating Scientist, EDI experiment, CLUSTER II

Collaborating Scientist, EFI experiment, POLAR satellite

Co-Investigator, DROPPS sounding rockets (21.123, 21.124), GEODESIC sounding rocket (40.015) , Sporadic-E sounding rockets (21.115, 21.116, 21.125) , Cusp sounding rockets (36.152, 36.153)





Scott's Auroral Pictures

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Dr. Scott R. Bounds

516 Van Allen Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242
Fax: 319-335-1753